Lard is a small man with a big message: LARD WANTS WORLD PEACE AND HE WANTS IT NOW!

So he’s making it happen one day at a time by sharing his wisdom. You can sign up for his daily peace tips HERE. And you can GET INVOLVED yourself by sending Lard your own idea for World Peace. If Lard likes your idea he’ll put it in the PEACE SKY. And every month Lard will send a SPECIAL LARD BADGE to the creator of his favourite idea.

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What is the meaning of life?

That’s an easy one. Be kind to everyone including yourself!

Who created Lard?

Lard was originally conceived by artist and film maker Daniel Saunders (www.saunders-animation.co.uk) and has been developed by Daniel and writer Keith Tutt (www.keithtutt.com).

What is Lard made of?

The precise nature of Lard’s physical make-up is something of a mystery which may, or may not be answered at some point in the future.

What languages does Lard speak?

English and American, but he has some schoolboy French, German and Spanish. He is looking into learning more languages to help him talk to all the people in the world.

What is ‘Getting Lardified’?

The process of ‘Getting Lardified’ is different for each individual. However, for many people it is a profound step on the road to enlightenment. Either that, or a complete waste of time. It all depends on your perspective and what you do with what you receive – even if it is absolutely nothing!

What can Lard do for me?

Ask not what Lard can do for you…ask what you can do for Lard and other people…